How to track guest customers previous orders on WooCommerce

WooCommerce order history plugin

A big problem for e-shop owners is that they are not able to see if the customers has bough again from their WooCommerce site as the most of the customers are shopping us guest users without creating an account .

Shop owners to find is a particular customer has shopped again should search on orders for the same name or same phone number or email to check if this is not the first order making on the site.

What’s the solution?

A new plugin called WooHistory and is available for free on WordPress repository

After enabling the plugin you can go to plugin settings and check the options you want to automatically check for previous orders from the same customer.

The plugin publisher suggests to check for same customers by phone number (i agree also on this) because the user maybe using more than one email address and used an other email while places the order on the site.

After saving the settings you will see a new column on orders list on your WooCommerce Orders when you be able to see that total number of orders user placed on your ecommerce site along with the status of each order.

Try it and feel free to right your opinion if you found this plugin useful or not !

Synchronise WooCommerce Product Inventory between 2 WooCommerce Sites.

On this blog post we will see some ideas on how to synchronise products on woocommerce between multiple woocommerce sites in live syncing mode.

The most users using CSV importing tools to just import the products and update one by one all the product inventory and automating this process using cron jobs every 30 minutes for example . It’s a bad idea to just bulk import products  anytime you want to update the stock or the inventory because this process can slow down your server because a lot of resources is needed and also making updates on products that actually not needed an update.Instead of this , updating only the products that changed(price, picture, sale price or quantity) will work much more efficient.

What we Suggest?

WooCommerce Rest API and some hooks can create a wonderful live product synchronisation between your two WooCommerce sites.

Let’s see the details under this idea.

Where to hook ?

  • When a product is updated
  • When a new product is created
  • When a new order is made


What hooks we must use on WordPress to achieve that ?

  • When a product is created or updated on WooCommerce you can use save_post action to send these data also to the other WooCommerce site and create or update the product there. Here we should make some additional checks to check also the category and the brand if not exist on the other WooCommerce site, create it or update it.
  • When a new order is made you should use woocommerce_reduce_order_stock action and loop through each products that included in order and update each product  have ordered. With this hook we will be sure that stock will be the same between our WooCommerce sites.


We shared the idea on how to achieve a live woocommerce to  woocommerce synchronisation.  Start reading WooCommerce Rest API  and how it works and use the above hooks i mentioned and you will  have everything ready in less than 24 hours . If you are not familiar with hooks or php, json , etc stuff feel free contact us by clicking here  and we will be happy to help you on developing it.

How to Promote your Business with Facebook Ads?


You have created a great website but it not sells.

Building a professional website for your business is not enough to start selling your products or your services online.

A website needs very targeted visitors to visit your site  and make it actually working for your business.

There are too many ways to get traffic on your site , some of them are just a waste of money. For example: buying traffic from an unreliable source you found online by searching “buy cheap traffic” it will be 99% a scam source that will gets you hundrend thousands or even millions visits from bots. Bots will never get you sales and also can destroy your site’s reliability, so let’s see on next paragraph some reliable sources that can boost your site sales and brings you real targeted customers , ready to buy your products or your services.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook todays is the most wide known social network and its been used from 1.5 billion users worldwide. Who doesn’t use Facebook today?

Facebook Ads has so many targeting options to find the correct audience that have more possibilities to become  your customers.

With Facebook Ads you can target on:

  • Location   (You can target for example customers only in your near area if you want to  boost also your physical store if any.You can target on Country, Area, City or even target only customers within 1 mile from your store)
  • Genre (Let’s say that you have  a cosmetics store …Who interested in these products? ..mainly women can target them and your ads will be displayed only to the female audience of Facebook)
  • Job (Targeting on Job is a very good idea for your business…The Job title says a lot of things itself.. You can estimate your customers salary and being able to promote to him the right products. For example if you are selling medical equipment you can target only to Doctors ….or if you are selling expensive men suits you can select target only Lawyers…)
  • Pages they already liked and follow them (Let’s say that you have a viral news site and you want to boost your Fan Page Followers… You can target a a competitors fan page that you know that these people are already interested on viral news ….  )

Ad Creative

But even with the correct targeting  your ads can fail totally , because targeting itself is not enough , ad creative is also important .

People don’t like Ads , so your ad creative should not look like an Ad, but how to achieve that ?

First of all to run a successful campaign on Facebook you need to do a loooot of testing with the ad creative…..

A good start is to duplicate your initial ad and on the duplicated ad change the image with an other one.

Do this process 20 times and you will have 20 ads with different images and split your daily budget to these 20 ads.

The next step is to keep these ads active for 2 days and  after the ad with the  better Score and the lower CPC and disable the other 19 ads.

You have only one active ad running right now . Let’s make more testing by creating duplicates of this ad by changing only the text you are using on the ad . Create again other 19 duplicated to have 20 ads running at the same time and split the daily budget again  to  these ads. Leave them running for other 2 days and keep only the ad with the better score and lower CPC as you did on image testing.


You can create fewer or more ads to testing . By testing more ads including different images and different text , you have more possibilities to have a lower cost campaign.


Remember also that on  starting a new campaign using Facebook Ads , advertiser  have to  spend some money on ad testing. Other-else you will end-up with a non-performing campaign that you are wasting money on it.


If you are unfamiliar or you don’t have time to manage also your business campaigns of Facebook feel free to contact us by clicking here and discuss  the advertising needs of your business.